Sociedad Pesquera y de Turismo  Marítimo Los Elefantes Ltda.
Pedro Montt Nº 215, Dalcahue - Chiloé
Teléfonos: 56-65-641386 /
Fax: 56-65-641480

Who We Are


Pesquera Los Elefantes Ltda. began operations in 1978 in Puerto Aguirre, southern Chile. It is now a family business with operations based in Dalcahue, on the island of Chiloé, and Santiago. Its more than 130 employees work on the boats, in the processing plant, the boatyard, and in several offices. The company has developed a progressive style toward its personnel and the environment as well as respecting the traditions of Chiloé. Today the company includes Sociedad Pesquera y de Turismo Marítimo, Los Elefantes Ltda., Exportadora e Importadora Los Elefantes Ltda.; Inversiones y Asesorías Chungungo Ltda. and Elefantes Express Ltda. (in charge of shipping).